I turned 17+++ last Saturday. My hubby woke me up at 12.00 and gave me cute cupcakes. But I was too sleepy to make any pics of it. After I blew the candles, I said to my hubby, “Ok, I want to sleep”. LOL! So much for a surprise.

I went to office that day and got another birthday surprises from my co-workers. They gave me another cute cupcakes. I was quite shocked because I didn’t expect they’d know my birthday. After that, I got yellow roses delivered to my office. I was surprised because who would send me this? Was it my hubby? NO! Hahaha. It was from my dear family. How cute of them to give such sweet surprise like this.

Later on, I went to work as an assessor (Hahaha, I took extra job on my birthday, sign of maturity, right?). Thankfully it didn’t take a whole day because I would have a birthday dinner with my family in Remboelan, PIM. The restaurant was full (even though I already reserved it) and of course the other restaurants also full because it was breakfasting time. So, I and hubby waited patiently until there was empty spot. We had a great birthday dinner. I got another red velvet cakes. Too much cake, I guess. Hahaha.

It was such a blessing to spend my birthday with my loved ones. I am more than happy that day. Hellooooo, new age! Let’s rock this. 😀

surprise from my co-workers

surprise from my co-workers

yellow roses from my family

yellow roses from my family

Happiness :)

Happiness 🙂


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