Goodbye, Bebe!

It was the day when I thought it would be a good day because I was gonna buy my dream stroller. It was a day-off for me. Waking up with good feeling, smiling. I remember it was still in the morning, raining, and I was looking at my Path. My eyes stuck on my sister’s status where she put Bebe’s picture — our first family dog. But what shocking me most was….she wrote “RIP Bebe”. What?! I re-read it many times and it was exactly the same: RIP Bebe. I asked my sister what happened and she told me that Bebe was poisoned by a stranger. 😥

I was shocked, sad, and angry at the same. I just met Bebe couple of days ago when I brought Mika to play with him. Bebe was healthy and happy. He played with me, kissing my feet, and jumped on to me. He was all well. And now he’s gone in a terrible way.

I cursed whoever killed him. Bebe was a family for 3 years. He was with us through thick and thin. He was loving, kind, and loyal. He was just a baby when he was brought into our home. I still remember how I took him to jog or put him on my bicycle’s basket because he was too small to run with me. I remember he always sat beside me whenever I felt sad. And now he’s gone.

I thought I wouldn’t cry, but I cried hurtfully that day. I cried, cried, cried until my eyes were swollen and my nose was red. I cried while telling Mika that her bestfriend was gone. I cried hugging Mika, telling her not to leave us so soon. I cried at home, I cried in the car. My heart was aching.

I was so sad that I didn’t want to go to my parents’ home because I was afraid to face that this time there was no longer Bebe who greeted me. I wasn’t ready to not seeing him. My little Bebe. 😦

I once dreamed that when my baby was born and I stayed in my parents’ home, I would let my baby played with Bebe. Bebe would be happy to see my baby and he would take care of him. But now he’s gone, my baby wouldn’t see Bebe anymore. My baby wouldn’t know my first dog whom I loved so much. So, I promise myself, my baby would know about Bebe. I would tell him every story and picture of Bebe. He would know him eventually.

As I’m writing this, I’m still crying whenever I remember Bebe. I miss him terribly. He’s gonna live forever in my heart. I know he’s now in heaven because all dogs go to heaven. So Bebe, now you live happily without any people who will hurt you or kidnap you, or try to kill you to sell you to some Lapo, or hate you anymore. You’re now happy. I know you are.

Until we meet, Bebe. 🙂

My little Bebe

My little Bebe


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