Saturday to Sunday


Hello, Monday!

My weekend started by having lunch with my office mates in Blackhouse cafe near our office. It was an unique cafe. Every area has different theme. They had library, fashion, music, candy, heaven, etc, themes. We choose to stay on candy theme. It was so girly with pink wall. The food was good but not extraordinary. So, I think people will go there just to enjoy the unique themes and took a lot of pictures. Hihihi.

After working, I and hubby went to Central Park. I ended up buying books. I just couldn’t help myself from buying new books and still having no time to finish all the books I’ve bought. The problem is I can’t resist the sensation of holding a book and smelling the papers. It makes me happy.

Actually, it was just an ordinary weekend spending with my hubby. We went to mall, strolled around, and bought nothing  but books. At first, I wanted to buy this 50% off-shoes that I’ve liked for so long. It was perfect on my feet. But I realized that it got 9 cm heels. I wouldn’t  use it that much because I couldn’t stand long with such high heels. So, I didn’t buy that shoes (but planned to buy it in the end of Jakarta Great Sale season in hoping to get more discount. Hahaha *stingy*).

So, we went to Gramedia to buy frames. I wanted to print pictures to make collage frames. But then Gramedia always gave me the temptation to bring new books. So I forgot to buy frames and instead I bought new books. If I finish all the books, I’ll give the review (and it looks like I won’t finish it any soon. Hahaha).

Sunday  brought a gloomy weather. It was raining all day. We had no plan at all. No mall today (to stop me from buying things I don’t need). So, we just cleaned the house (with help from our maid –err, actually we didn’t do anything and just being lazy in front of the tv; eh, it was just me, actually hubby went running). I wanted to take Mika to go grooming but then I did it myself. I thought the sun was going to shine so it could dry Mika’s fur. But when I was bathing Mika, it started to be cloudy again. Grrr! Not so long after Mika finished taking a bath, it was raining again. I looked up to the sky and started to be a drama queen, “WHYYYY?”. Naah, it was just my imagination.

We went to church at noon because there would be presidential debate on TV at 7 PM. Of course, we had to watch it. We planned to watch all the presidential debate because we wanted to choose very carefully this time. Although, we already made the choice on who’s to vote.

After churching, we just realized that we hadn’t taken lunch at all. No wonder, my head got so dizzy. So, we went to Bangi Kopitiam in Sabang. This Bangi Kopitiam was so noisy with its live singing. Seriously, I even couldn’t talk to my hubby. I had to yell or scream sometimes. The food wasn’t good either. It was different from Bangi in Srengseng, it was better and more fresh. Will I come back there? I don’t think so.

Before we were heading home, we stopped by in a mini market to buy snacks for presidential debate. Oh, please it was just a good excuse to eat more because we’ve eaten all the snacks before the debate started. Hihihi!

It was a good presidential debate. Jokowi started slowly and looked unconvincing at the beginning but got better along the debate. I loved how he said he’d focus on education. I believe good education makes good moral. Everything else will follow better by then. Prabowo had better public speaking and looked confident. Most of the time he talked about money, money, money, but with nonsense data. He even got speechless when Jokowi talked about creative economy, and to hide his lacking of knowledge on that aspect, he just said that he agreed on Jokowi’s ideas and said nothing more but hugged Jokowi to gain sympathy. What was that? Some kind of joke?

So, that’s my weekend. Have a nice weekdays, guys!

I took selfie at office just because I've just realized my hair looked good today. The secret was.... not washing my hair due to the water was off. Aha!

I took selfie at office just because I’ve just realized my hair looked good today. The secret was…. not washing my hair due to the water was off. Aha!





2 thoughts on “Saturday to Sunday

  1. kak naomi samaaaaaa aku pun pasti tergoda tiap ke toko buku padahal dirumah masih ada tumpukan buku yang belum dibaca, tapi kalau ke toko buku kayanya gak enak gitu keluar gak beli buku hahaha.. 😀

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