I Am Beautiful

Two men that will always see me as a perfect girl are my dad and my husband. Most of the time, they never criticize me and only focus on my positive side.

I remember back then when I loved to dye my hair until its color turned kinda blonde and it shocked my mom (well, it shocked me too. LOL!). I became less confidence due to my bad hair color. When I was back home, I locked myself in my room because I didn’t want people to see me. The next morning, when my dad saw me, I was ready to hear something bad came out from his mouth. But what he told me was, “Wow, my daughter is prettier each day with her new hai.”. I looked at my dad’s eyes and asked him, “Really?”. He nodded and smiled widely, “You are beautiful”. And that was the time I didn’t care what others said about my hair because my dad thought that I was beautiful.

Many times, my mom criticize me with my clothes and appearance, my dad was always the one who said, I was good with whatever I used. He was okay with any of my clothes, whether it was hot pants, short skirt, backless dress, tube dress. He was okay with that. He said that I could use whatever I wanted to use as long as it was for the right occasions.

I am lucky to have my husband who treats me nicely. I once asked my hubby if I could cut my hair. He said yes, I could do anything to my hair. You know why I asked him? Because I’ve ever dated a man who didn’t let me to cut or to dye my hair to fulfill his imagination of  an ideal woman. My hubby loves me for who I am, no matter how short or long my hair, no matter what hair color I have. So, he lets me experiment with my hair. I’ve cut my hair short, I’ve let my hair grow long, I’ve dyed my hair almost blonde (and I looked terrible with that color, but he let me learned it by myself), I’ve let my hair black and beautiful. He always says that I am beautiful.

These two men see me more than my appearance. They love me for whatever I am. I am appreciated. I feel worthy. I am special for them. I can do anything because I know no matter what I’m gonna do, they will always be the one who support me along the way.

So girls, when someone insults you, does or says something bad to you, just remember that someone out there sees you more than that. There’s always someone who says you’re beautiful no matter what. Because the truth is, you ARE REALLY beautiful. Don’t be afraid to tell yourself everyday that you’re beautiful.

Cheers! 🙂



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