While Waiting For Ayam Penyet

  • It’s 12 PM and I already finished 7 psychotests that made my head spinning around. Oh, and many more to go, of course.
  • Its Friday and I didn’t start it well. Gloomy.
  • Yesterday, I was feeling well that I didn’t have to take my allergic pill. Yeay to me.
  • In my day-off, I like to spend it alone, without anyone to talk to. I love being alone. What do I usually do? Just nothing. It feels great.
  • I’m listening to The Moffatts album: Submodalities, right now. Where do they go? I love them.
  • I don’t like to talk to strangers. I don’t like to talk to the bus drivers or any other passangers. I just want to be in my own world.
  • Sometimes I let myself getting late to the office because I’m just too demotivated.
  • I love seeing my husband sleeping. He’s just too adorable.
  • I think I’m weird. I used to say that it’s hard for men to date me because they can barely understand my weirdness.
  • I cry when I fight with my husband. I usually do.
  • I don’t talk sweet words just to make people happy. That’s too exhausting.
  • Sometimes I envy my friends. But well, maybe I have this life crisis.
  • I am not as excited as it was to have my birthday. I feel old now. I wish I could be 17 all over again.
  • I know when you’re fake and act like a social climber. I can read your gestures. You’re a copy cat, you know that.
  • Oh, I know some ugly secrets that I wish I could tell people just because I don’t like that person. But I didn’t do it.
  • I like observing people. It’s fun!
  • I’m not crazy about bags or branded things. I’m more satisfied when I got cheap but good things. But who knows when I am as rich as Bakrie clan, I would fancy all those things.
  • I’m waiting for my ayam penyet. I try not to eat it often because it’s just too delicious. Weird, ha?
  • I love going to the movies alone. I feel great afterward.
  • I love all my friends and feel lucky to have them.
  • I don’t have any kind of drama in my life. Everything is normal. But I’m just a drama queen.
  • I hate Facebook but I open it everyday and then feel down seeing my friends get pregnant or have babies.
  • I still have a diary to write.
  • I can’t cook. I don’t have any passion in cooking. I try to cook in my early marriage but I don’t enjoy it all. My cook doesn’t taste that good.
  • Where is my ayam penyet? It’s 12.30 already.
  • In the future, I might lock my twitter acount. I write silly things. I should’ve written something smart that fits a psychologist image. But that would be not fun anymore.
  • I miss my nieces. They must grow bigger and prettier now.
  • Sometimes I don’t know what to do in weekend.
  • I will be registered to a traning that I don’t like for 7 days. Can I survive those 7 days?
  • I’m crazy of fried rice. I can eat it every day and I don’t get bored.
  • I can hypnotize people and I am amazed of myself. But that’s the skill I don’t like. I prefer to talk with my patients, fully aware.
  • I’m longing for Lebaran holiday. No, I don’t have any plan. The only plan is just to get up late.
  • I admire my boss. She inspires me a lot.
  • I babble because I’m waiting for my ayam penyet.
  •  Hooraay, my ayam penyet is here. Gotta go. Happy lunch, people!

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