Valentine For My Other Half

It’s Valentine’s day. Happy loving day, people!

I dedicate this post to my soon-to-be husband. At this point in my life, I have no doubt that he’s gonna be a good partner in my life. He’s there to laugh and cherish every happy moments. But he’s also there in my lowest point.

I love him for saying nice things to me. But I love him more for criticizing me and making me better.

I love him for willing to do almost everything to make me happy.

I love him for knowing how to handle me, especially when I act so stubborn.

I love him for  catching me up when I am down.

I love him for always trying to make me smile everytime my mood is not good.

I love him for hugging me in my hardest time.

I love him for being a simple and humble person that I wish I could be like him.

I love him for never ever pushing me to do something I don’t like.

I love him for striving to do the best.

I love him for standing by my side to face the world.

I love him for always there in my ups and downs.

I love him for his smiles that calms me down.

I love him for every word he says to cheer me up.

For every flaw that he has, I think he’s perfect for me. I love him for making my life wonderful by simply being him.

I love him because he’s my other half.

I love you @abesiahaan.

Here’s a video for you:

Happy valentine’s day. Let’s cheer for more love till our hair turns grey. 🙂


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