He Makes Me Happy

I am a very demanding person. Ask my ex-boyfriend. He might say that he was frustrated with my perfection. Everything had to be perfect: his clothes, his hair, and his shoes. I could go angry when I saw him wearing sandals to the malls, or wearing ugly clothes when I tried to wear the best clothes I had, or cutting his hair too short. I was angry and not satisfied a lot.

I said to myself that I didn’t need to be perfect. That it was fun to have some flaws. Let it be. But then, I couldn’t. I blame him for making me unsatisfied. I thought something was wrong.

With my current boyfriend, he does worse. The way he dresses, the way he doesn’t care with his hair cut, the way he wears the same clothes over and over again (I promised him that once we get married, those clothes should go away), and a lot more. Surprisingly, I’m not angry this time.

What makes the difference this time?

I feel enough. I feel satisfied. Those things don’t matter too much anymore. Of course, I still complain, but never get angry. He listens to me. He never forces me to do something I don’t like. He never yells at me. He’s not stubborn (but I am :D). He makes me laugh. He lends his shoulder and hugs me tight when I cry. He’s willing to develop himself more for me. Trust me, my expectation is high and he tries hard to fulfill it. He teaches me to loosen up a little bit, to enjoy the life.

But most of all, he makes me happy and content. Thus, I feel blessed and thankful. 🙂





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