Waiting For December

This is the last day of November. It’s been a very busy month. I feel like I even didn’t have time for myself. *peras keringet*  And there for my formal wedding proposal a.k.a Marhori-Hori Dinding was postponed.

Okeh! Karena besok udah Desember, akan ada banyaaak hal yang gue nantikan di bulan ini:

  1. Christmas. Oh who doesn’t love Christmas. Gonna prepare for Christmas presents. YEAY!
  2. Trip to Bali with my high school friends to attend a friend’s wedding. Don’t worry, the tickets, the hotels, the rental car were booked. Now waiting for the day to coma. 😀
  3. Oh please let there will be my formal proposal on this month.
  4. Planning a dinner with my boyffie on Christmas eve.
  5. Planning to have a christmas potluck with friends.
  6. Gonna buy very important things. Wish us luck! 😀
  7. and (still) preparing our wedding.

Oh, I’m always excited for December! 😀


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