Marisol and Surya Wedding

19 November 2011.

Finally a very best friend of mine, member of MERLYNS, Maria Solagratia and Surya Putra tied the knot.

The party was wonderful. The friends were still as crazy and fun as they were in college. How we grew up together, went ups and downs with our love stories, laughed and cried. Knowing that now we start building our own families, that’s an indescribable feeling.

Congrats, Marisol and Surya! Love you much! :*

Celebrating Marisol's bachellorette party

Looking at the beautiful bride-to-be

The cake

At the church

Merlyns! Kurang Stefany yang udah pulang.

The college friends

Cantik semua! 😀

Oh, 2 days after her wedding, Marisol moved to Sydney with her husband for a very long time. So, I’m gonna miss her so much.

Take care, Marisol! Happy for you. 🙂


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