So-Called Good Friends

When you planned your big day and already told some of your friends the date, you hope they would remember it. They probably already saved the date on the calendars, made that day as also their special one.

You planned to put them as parts of your big day. Thinking what dress they would wear. Planning to give them the best one so they can be wonderful and pretty too.

Oh well, suddenly your dream is broken because in fact they forget your big day. What worse is they even plan to get out of town on your big day.

And the dresses, the picture of how they will look pretty, the moment when I can share the happiness dissapear from my dream. They don’t even remember it. They don’t even bother to save that special day. No no, don’t need to remember the date. At least they can remember the month. Oh, they forget that too. Nice.

That’s what your so-called good friends.


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