I had this ulcer almost everyday. I felt nausea eventhough I ate on time and never missed one lunch. I felt cold while I already took suplements everyday. There were times when I threw up and couldn’t eat any food, or even drink. Suddenly I had this allergy; I felt itchy when I felt cold or even stres out. In some nights my head kept spinning around and I needed to take medicine. There were days when I pushed myself to get up in the morning when I knew my body was too weak. I felt like a big elephant stood up on my back.

There were many unexpected things happened lately. Some things were too painful. Sometimes I think, I couldn’t take it anymore because it was so hard and I was shocked.

There were nights when I cried myself to sleep. Waking up in a very weak condition and feeling so tired. I was longing for weekends every single day.

I know I’m stressed out. I know I need to take a  break, maybe going on a holiday. But… I just can’t have it, consider that I will leave so many things undone. And that’s just careless.

Preparing a wedding and having these unexpected bad things in a same time just put myself to the limit. People say, this is a test before someone gets married. I say, this is too much. Probably I won’t get a good score for the test.

Every morning I just pray that no bad thing happens today. That’s all.

Well…. *sigh*


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