My Closet is Full (enough)?

My closet’s full, but I keep thinking that I need to buy new clothes or shoes. Awwww!

Whan I went to Singapore last month I bought these:

and a pair of golden shoes. My mom thought the shoes were too shiny, but I thought they were cool! I haven’t got a chance to wear those dresses and shoes. They’re still in my clothes *sigh*.

Last week I and my mom went to Inacraft. I wasn’t so excited, but then I ended up buying these:

Too bad, I haven’t wore the skirt yet. But I LOVE the shoes.

And a week later, I bought these Wondershoe shoes. I said to myself, I deserved this because I finally finished all 10 reports. In fact, I didn’t need it, I just wanted it.

I think I need to feel enough. I don’t need to buy more and feel like rewarding myself all the time *sigh*. But anywaaaay, I always love the feeling after buying these. 🙂


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