It’s (only) 10

10 things I like about you:

  1. Always and always make me laugh. Even when I’m angry, you can turn the anger into laughter.
  2. You think that my thoughts are important, even the silly one.
  3. Get me the best escape. The sudden journey. The unplanned holiday.
  4. Having never ending conversation. From A to Z. And I can never get enough.
  5. Never ever ask me for something I don’t like. If I don’t like it and I don’t want to do something, you say, whatever that makes me happy.
  6. You struggle just to be the best of you.
  7. Open minded. Rarely judging people with what they do. Always accepting advices that you know it can make you better.
  8. Supporting everything that I do.
  9. Never ever push me to cook. And you always say, someday I can cook because it’s in every woman’s blood. And if I can’t, just buy some food from any restaurant. That simple and not threatend me at all.
  10. You know how to hug in the right moment. That’s important because I just love being hugged, but when the time’s not right it ruins the moment.

Oh, it’s 10 already? The list can go on and on. But this 10 would be perfect reasons to adore you. πŸ™‚


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