Go On!

It’s Christmas.

The plan that we made was great. It was so simple. It came from your words. Never thought it could be so exciting for me. I waited all day to spend the rest of this Christmas with you. But then you called, you said you had another plan. Now you  sucessfully made this christmas spirit gone in a second. As you said sorry so many times, I started to melt. But then you said, tomorrow you’d have another plan and actually could not really make the plan. Really, you made this whole day seemed worse to me.

How many times I’ve told you that If you couldn’t make it, then don’t make any promise. Ooh, now you’re having fun, making me unimportant to you.

Go on! Just have fun!


One thought on “Go On!

  1. Awry, eh?

    Dasar….drama queen!

    It’s funny to see another women act like this, but no funny at all when it comes to my girl doing the same thing.

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