Dear, December.

Thank you for knocking on my door and reminding me that you’re actually coming this year. I always love you as you’re my fave month of the year.

I enjoy walking on the street while listening to some Christmas songs or just looking to some lights on Christmas tree. And it’s getting more perfect because you give the rain. December, you always bring happiness to me. As in your month, you always give the chance for me to gather with families and friends.

Christmas party 2008

Christmas party 2008

Me and my brother on Christmas eve 2007

Preparing christmas party with friends on December 2008

On Christmas eve 2008, a friend's birthday party

Christmas day 2008

Since I’ve watched Home Alone and Serendipity, I always wish I could spend my Christmas over there in Rockefeller Centre, New York with someone that I love. Walking on Christmas eve, holding hands, skating, or maybe kissing under the mistletoe while enjoying the first snow that falls. That dream is still alive. One day, I’ll make my own pictures of that dream. Before that, enjoy these pictures so you’ll know how to imagine that.

night at Rockefeller Centre, NY

in the morning. still looks good, right?

The famous christmas tree

Even if I can’t have one like that on my Christmas day this year, I’ll still thankful. For me, with or without snow or big christmas trees, Christmas is Chrismas. The feeling is still the same : Happiness and joy. I enjoy everything in December. The people always smile and laugh, the mood is always good, the weather is perfect, the TV shows are awesome, and the movies are great. Everything in December is perfect.

I’m always excited to welcome you, dear December. I love you.

Have a great December, people. 🙂




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