About This Big Question Mark

Being a grown up is sooo not easy. I used to live in my happy fairy tale world. Everything’s so pink, yellow, blue, green, red, purple, and it’s so colorful. One day I woke up and realized that this real world was scary. It may be black, my unfavorite color.

I’m 24 (and in 8 months, I’ll be 25. Gosh!) and I just put my feet on the ground. I see my friends get married and have babies. I see they rule their marriages and being real grown ups. Now I feel like I need to move forward.. I can’t live in my fairy tale world again. I need to face the reality.

Or maybe it’s simply that I want to get married like any other else? Yes I want to get married but am I ready for that? What if it fails, what if it’s just a dream, what if this fear keep haunting me down, and I have lots of ‘what if’ on my mind. This what-if really scares me.

I want to know if my friends ever felt this. Were they afraid or they just knew they had to do it? Is it that simple? Oooh  wish someone would give me the perfect answers for this.



One thought on “About This Big Question Mark

  1. i feel the same way mi, meskipun gak muncul setiap saat sih. gue mikirnya semua akan indah pada waktunya (ah, quotes yg sangat putus asa ya, ketimbang pasrah) hehe..
    cuman mungkin sisi positifnya, kita diberi kesempatan lebih lama ama Tuhan untuk ketemu orang-orang yg gak tepat buat kita, brengsek mungkin juga sering menyakiti kita, sebelum akhirnya Dia kasih yang terbaik buat kita. Anggaplah ini kado dari Tuhan untuk kita belajar ttg kehidupan.
    Bagi gue, pernikahan itu sesuatu yang serius. gak semua orang bisa fit-in dengan terms of marriage. So elo dgn kuliah lo, gue dgn kerjaan gue, we just have to enjoy it, karena gak ada yang tau kita bisa stay dgn kondisi kita saat ini atau gak. Ya, harusnya pernikahan gak menghambat semua itu, tapi pasti akan berbeda.

    ingat2 untuk undang aku yaah mi, nanti. hehe

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