It was raining. You drove the car without any sound. There was only the radio, singing some old songs. You touched my hair softly. Let me lean on your shoulders. We used to have a blissful nite. But tonite we didn’t talk much. We would live in space. I would terribly miss you. Stupid, I knew. Cuz it wouldn’t change anything. So, I was so quite that we heard only the whispering wind.

You were worried. You stroked my hair, hoped that it would comfort me. You said everything would be okay. You just made me wanted to stay there forever. You hugged me right before I headed reality. You held me tight and whispered to my ears that I didn’t need to be afraid. Those words only pushed my tears out harder. I hated goodbyes. I hated time like this. The rain couldn’t have been any worse than this.

You hug and the rain. I didn’t want to move away. Let me stay here with you. I wished you could fly me away. Took those fear out of me. Let me stay. Let me be with you.

I wished the time would stop.


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