A Busy But Wonderful Week

It’s been a very busy week. Thank God, the class was off and I could have some holidays. The two first days, I spent at home. Didn’t wanna go out at all cuz I wanted my me-time.  I slept for 10 hours and then took nap for 2 hours. Didn’t do anything. Didn’t think of anything.

In the second day, I was so bored. Thank God, I had this family interview with my friends. It was quite good and everything went well. After that, I went with my friends and their boyfriends (I got use to this situation among those couples around me. Hihi) eating pizza. Yummy! My favorite pizza with cheese as topping.

In the third day, I spent my days hanging around with Wita. We went shopping in Ambasador and Tebet. We walked from one shop to another shop. What made it more fun was we tried some cute dresses and we took our pictures on them. Wooow, we could be models someday. Hihi. From this shopping hunting, I got a cute headband, a nice dress, a DVD, and a gift for someone. After spending a whole day walking, we went to a salon. We did crembath. We had to walk quite far to find a perfect (perfect means cheap. Hihi) salon. And we got it. How they massage our heads, hands, and backs. Gooosh, it was so relaxing. It was almost night and we started to feel hungry. Wita took me to a Sate Padang in the corner of the street. It was a very delicious satay. And I was sooo full.

After having enough time to spend the money (huahahaha, like I have much money), I decided to go home. It was already night. I put my music playlist and took the busway. I really enjoyed the feeling. Looking outside the bus, the lights, the atmosphere. I really liked it.

When I almost got home, my friend called me and asked me to go out with them. One of my friend wanted to treat us. Wow, yummy! Such a nice offer and of course I accepted it. They picked me up in one department store near my house. I was extremely tired and almost fell asleep. And my stomach was sooo hungry. I ate bread and milkshake. I went home and slept peacefully.

In the fourth day, I met my college friend, dear MERLYNS (yeaah, we still put a name for our clique. Huahaha). We talked, we laughed, we took pictures, and we did silly things. After a long time, finally we could meet in a full formation: MERLYNS. Girls, love you so much deaaaaar!

After that, I met someone who had birthday. We ate delicious pancakes (met a famous singer Vidi Alviano and wonder why all his friends were girls) and watched a boring (yet expensive) movie. Grrr.. my head full of those gun shots sound. But thanks anyway for the treat. I went home at late night. Couldn’t do anything but slept tight.

In the fifth day, I went to church with my mom. Had my purple dress and black stocking. Looking great. After finished, I met a friend of mine. Kinda missed her cuz we used to talk hours and hours. After having a nice conversation, I went home with my mom, changed with a black dress. Simple and sexy. Loved it so much. I had to wear this 7 cm high heels and it really tortured me like hell. I ate a nice food in the wedding party while my mom was busy with her friends. We didn’t stay long, cuz I had another event to attend (such a busy girl, right? Hihi).

I went home, bought a birhtday cake, and changed my clothes again. This time I wore brown t-shirt, mini skirt, black stocking, and flat shoes. We went to Bandar Jakarta to celebrate our friend’s birthday. It was soooo hot to eat in the middle of the day and near the beach. Gosh, like I was in the Saudi Arabia. But I liked the place, the food, and the atmosphere. Full Full Full!

It was 5 pm, when we finished the party. We went to my friend’s house to do this retreat meeting. We were really tired. But seeing them having this spirit made me not tired anymore. We did this meeting and had a good ending. Another hard work will come, but with them, everything would be just so fine. The most important thing, I had a very wonderful day with so much laughter. Love you guys.

It was a busy week, but a wonderful one. Now, I wanted to spend it with my mom. Knowing she really missed me all the way. Miss you too..


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