Cinderella’s not having a good morning. Gotta start to work at 8, while she’s feeling terrible headache. And her stomache doesn’t feel right too.

Cinderella’s trying to smile and not complaining at all. Her step mother and step sisters will be angry if she says she’s not working today. She wants to take the day off. She wants to take a walk to the city and be alone with herself.

But then she knows it’s just a dream. She has to work today. She has to face her step mother and sisters and be ready with all they want.

Oh prince charming, take her anywhere, save her today.

Oh prince charming, don’t need the glass shoes to convince you that it’s her that you’ve been looking for. It’s not the glass shoes, it’s just her heart. Can’t you see her more than just shoes?

Cinderella takes a deep breath. Doesn’t need to dream about her prince charming. Her prince charming is on his way to get her. For now, she just need to smiles because her day will be great.

Works, step mother, step sisters. Ah, they’re just a piece of cake.



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