Couldn’t Be More Better Without You

Yesterday was such a blessing day. Today, I’ll be more positive. Thanks for those who’s been so kind to be there for me.

For the chatting with 3 wonderful girls till midnite:

  1. Talking about dancing class and swimming on Saturday. You said I needed to exercise myself. You were right. But I enjoyed most our conversation about letting all those pains go away. Thanks for sharing your deepest secrets. I know you can get rid of those scariest moments of your life.
  2. For the midnite chat, gossipping the guys. Funny how boys turn out to be more sensitive that we are the girls, right? Hihihi.
  3. For telling me that you need me in your hardest time. As I can do it, I know you can do it, dear. Don’t need the mix max to feel great. Besides, it’s already the 3rd day, time to say hello to your boyfriend, isn’t it?

For the 3 hours conversation till you were sleepy and (still) didn’t admit it. I knew the tone, the only yes and no answers, and the question, “Tommorow, what time your class starts? Oh, it’s already 01.30 am”. Guess, you need to join the acting class. Hahaha!

Guys, I couldn’t be more better without you .

A lot of hugs and kisses from me.



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