It hurts my heart when I see you falling apart.

I wish I know what’s on your mind.

I wish I could understand you better.

But until now, I never know you.

What hurts you so deep, dear?

Can I take those wounds away from you?

You know, I love you, dear.

And I also make mistakes on you.

I may dissapoint you.

Dear, I know those hugs are never enough.

And you keep stand still.

Doing your own things.

Hating this world.

I wish I could do better for you.

Be strong, dear.

I may not here to take care of you anymore.

The world is getting worse.

Thay may hurt you more.

One thing you should remember and keep this in your heart,

you are loved.

And I love you more than you know, dear.

I do.


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