.Dear, Naomi.

(Sebelum melakukan narrative therapy untuk orang-orang yang membutuhkannya, sebaiknya saya menterapi diri saya sendiri. Sepertinya saya sedang membutuhkanya. Hehe)

Dear Naomi,

I know how you feel. You’re very tired and burnt out. You hated being in that class with that lecturer. You hated the pressure she gave you. You hated she took over your holiday. But I also know, you’re strong enough to face that.

Remember the first time you fell in love with this. How you were so excited to read all those books. How you knew you would live on this dream. You had the passionate. You had the guts. You had all the opportunities to pursue all your dreams. You will be a good psychologist.

You may cry. You may stumble. You may fall. You may feel enough. You may want to step back. You may hate all those lecturers. You may be exhausted. But you already sacrified a lot, dear. You love this, I know. Don’t give up. You had all the quality to be a good psychology. You are great!

You grow stronger. You’re better. You’ll make it. This is just a small step you have to go through. And someday when you look back, you’ll see that this is a wonderful experience. Just remember all friends and families who support and stand by you all this time. When you’re down, they’ll pick you up and hold your hands so tight. Don’t worry, dear. You are never be alone. Step forward and face the world, cuz you’re gonna have it all in your hands.

Love yourself. Love the life you’ve chosen. Don’t regret anything. Keep shining.

You’re doing great!



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