.Escape Feeling.


She was nearly at home when the rain was pouring down. He looked at her and asked the same question he ever asked her before. She coundn’t talk. Her heart beat so fast that she almost could hear it. The conversation hadn’t started yet, but it was her home. She should leave. But then she looked at him, felt unfinished. She said, “Just drive the car and we’ll talk”.

He drove the car with no exact destination. They just talked and talked, until the man said, “Let’s go to the airport. I’ll show you the escape feeling”. She nodded, wondering what she would see later.

They talked heart to heart. About the feeling they felt. The road was almost empty. Only few cars passed them away. The lights on the side of the road shone peacefully, like candles that made the night brighter. The trees said hello to them and let them felt like there was no one else between them. The car run as fast as their heart beat. Sometimes they were so quite but they knew they didn’t need to say more.

As the rain was harder, the radio played their music. The music that fits the rain outside. They looked each other, smiling. The man slowed down the car, let the time stopped for a moment. Let everything ran fast, but them. Let they feel without talking too many words. Let they share without looking. Let everything around them stood still.

And when they left all the road behind them, they got the escape feeling. Felt so free like they could fly to the highest sky. Like there was no tomorrow to worry about. Like magic had just happened and they wouldn’t change it for anything..


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